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Refund Policy

Last Updated: November 2019

3DAES, FZE prides in its ability to deliver quality web design and development services for our clients particular needs. Our team are the best in the industry and ensure that even the most vague concepts and ideas of our clients are fully comprehended and used in development of the client’s project. However if a client does claim a refund for a down payment made for a project the following is our policy on the subject.

This documentation describes 3DAES, FZE refund policy pertaining to the purchases done and orders placed through the company’s website. The refund policy can be modified by 3DAES, FZE without any prior notice to our customers.

3DAES, FZE will not refund money after the purchase and download of animation works except for rare situation that’s mentioned below. Refunds would be made for custom works and not downloadable products such as stock icons, individual icons etc. Please review our refund policy for each service we provide and ensure that you are familiar with our policy for the service you need.

Downloaded and Stock Icons Refund Policy

No refunds will be made for predesigned icons that are downloaded as is from our site. These icons have been designed for the convenience of developers and designers who would be interested in deploying our skillfully designed developer icons in their applications and websites. Once downloaded, these designer icons cannot be exchanged or returned. Please ensure that the stock icons meet your needs prior to downloading the software icons.

Custom Icon Services Refund Policy

3DAES, FZE accepts custom icon design work from clients on the payment for orders. The payments for orders once made will not be refunded. Exemptions on refunds are made under certain circumstances. Please review the exceptions of our refund policy for more information.

Website Design Services Refund Policy

We undertake Website design Projects and no refunds will be made with regards to any payment made after our design has been approved by the client. In the case that our design does not meet the expectations of our client even after rounds of refining of the design that the client requires, we will refund a part of the down payment made for the designs. This is true only if the client knows exactly what the design of the website should be and was equally clear in expressing their requirement.

Our designers work diligently in order to appreciate the concepts accurately even when our clients are not sure of the design they require. No refund will be made for vague requests resulting in designs that do not meet with our client’s expectations.

Logo Design Refund Policy

We at 3DAES, FZE understand that logo for a company is a tricky concept. The down payments made for logos will be based on the style that the client needs. If our concepts are not received well by the client despite ensuring that all the FAQ and questions that we pose are answered accurately by the client, we will refund a part of the payment made. The percentage of money refunded will be decided case wise.


We will consider special refund request of our clients and will evaluate the percent of refunds for each case separately. Situations where the client is not happy with the concepts that were presented to them even after extended deliberations with the client and where the client was clear about what they were looking for, 3DAES, FZE will refund part of the money that was paid by the client while placing the order. The percentage of refund will be decided by 3DAES, FZE and this would vary according to project difficulty, person hours spend on the designs, etc.

Clients who change the requirements mid way through the implementation of a project will be billed for the hours spend on the previous defunct concept. No refund will be done for the payments for the order in this case. Moreover the client will send a new billing rate based on the complexity of the new concept. We advice our client’s to avoid these situations. Designers working in 3DAES, FZE maintain their commitment to bring to life even vague ideas of our clients.  

3D animation orders require an advance payment. In the case of client’s dissatisfaction with our designs despite communicating their requirements accurately, refunds will be provided for payments made for the order in discussion. This condition hold value only if the project is less than 50% complete. Any claims for refunds otherwise will not be entertained.

Cases where the client are not clear or have just vague ideas about their requirements, no refund will be granted even if client is not happy with the final product.

For all other projects that 3DAES, FZE undertake and have not been separately mentioned in the refund policy, refunds on down payment will be provided based on the project.3DAES, FZE will have sole discretion on whether the client is refunded for orders placed and the percentage that’s refunded.


Any claim to negate credit card payment will investigated and the amount refunded if found valid. Any fraudulent claim will result in legal action being sorted against the offending individual or company and the case will be reported to credit card services which would harm the offender’s credit history.

Changes to Refund Policy

We reserve the right to change the terms of this Refund policy at any time. When we make changes, we will revise the "last updated" date at the top of the policy. If there are material changes to this statement we will notify you by prominently posting a notice of such changes here or on our home page. We encourage you to review this policy whenever you visit


Please feel free to contact us for any queries or clarification required on our Refund Policy at . Your understanding of our refund policy is important and will ensure seamless business with us. 

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