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Utility Icons

A deviation from typical software icons, utility icons projects a serious icon while communicating the one important function of the application.

Utility Software Icons

Utility software, more commonly called system tools, are generally developed to tune and manage an operating system or a computer both hardware and software. For example, the disk defragmenter in windows is used mainly to consolidate memory for the operating system. The tool either performs a single task or a number of small tasks.

Software icons are developed to resemble the application that it starts up. So maintaining this tradition, utility icons, a different variety of developer icons, are not meant to illustrate an assortment of jobs. Rather the goal of the utility icon is to illustrate the major purpose of the utility.

A more serious look is rendered on utility icons, with the perspective for the conceptualization normally would be different from other genres of software icons. Mac utility icons for instance have de-saturated and predominantly grey colors that would depict a very serious tone about them. Your classic Mac utility icon would be illustrated as if they are placed on a shelf facing you which would be different from other Mac icons.

Pragmatic ArtistsValley, Inc

Practicality is imperative when it comes to designing utility icons where the fun part of colors and themes are avoided. ArtistsValley, Inc. recognizes the importance of projecting the exact functionality of the utility tool. We are not just into creating fun and colorful developer icons but do design utility icons to communicate a message to the end user complimenting our beautiful software icons. A first-hand experience on the designs of utility icons that we offer can be acquired by browsing through out stock icons.

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