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Last Updated: Jan 2008

All ownership and copyright of icons is reserved by ArtistsValley, Inc.

ArtistsValley website Terms and Conditions

License Agreement


"The exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the matter and form of something (as a literary, musical, or artistic work etc)” [Merriam-Webster definition of copyright]. Any work created by an individual is naturally copyrighted and anyone in breach of copyright could be liable to legal suit. ArtistsValley, Inc. has copyrights to every work in the websites and Users have to agree to abide by the terms and conditions laid down by ArtistsValley, Inc.

End User Agreement

Users have to abide by the following conditions while purchasing and downloading icons and other artwork from ArtistsValley,Inc.

  • A license is provided when an icon or any other service is purchased from ArtistsValley,Inc.. This will enable the purchaser to royalty free use of icons in applications and software.
  • The icons should not be used as value addition to the application.
  • Icons should not be leased, resold, copied or redistributed in any form without explicit consent from ArtistsValley, Inc. A separate license will be provided for the same after the case is scrutinized by ArtistsValley, Inc.
  • Our products should not be used in any form that would be  detrimental for ArtistsValley, Inc. interests.
  • The source of the free icons downloaded from the website should be credited to ArtistsValley, Inc. In the case of websites a link should be provided in the site to ArtistsValley, Inc.

Any infringement of these conditions will result in legal action.


ArtistsValley,Inc. does not provide warranty for icons once purchased. No refunds for purchases and downloads of products are done but for situations mentioned in our refund policy. Please go through the refund policy for more details. The icons are provided for particular application and ArtistsValley,Inc. should not be held liable for any loses or problems faced by the purchaser during the course of using the icons. We guarantee that the icons will not adversely affect the client application in any manner.


The logo and all slogans are trademarks of ArtistsValley, Inc. Legal action will be taken in case of trademark infringement.

Further Clarification

Please contact ArtistsValley,Inc. for any clarification and queries on license and copyright issues  at These terms and conditions could be changed by ArtistsValley,Inc. without prior notice.